TE01089 TE01217

KENTAUR summer windscreen washer

Product code: TE01089
Package: 6pcs.

It is suitable for the cleaning of the windscreen of vehicles by the windscreen wiper. 

It removes the insect, mud and other contaminations from the windscreen. It does not trigger diffraction and it does not damage the rubber and plastic parts, the original paint and the appropriately repainted paint. 

It can be used as a washer fluid of headlamp cleaners.

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    Using instructions

    • Fill the KENTAUR summer windscreen washer fluid without dilution into the windscreen washer tank of the car.

    • If necessary, operate the windscreen wiper 3-4 times by using large amount of liquid.

    • Depending on the extent of insect contamination, repeat the process.

      Do not let the insect contamination dry onto the windscreen.
      The KENTAUR summer windscreen washer facilitates the cleaning of the windscreen even in rainy weather.


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