PREVENT PROFESSIONAL - Professional support


Since 2017, we have been developing an aerosol repair and installation material product family widely satisfying the demands of professional mechanics and craftsmen.

Depending on the nature of the activity, the given product may require high yield, powerful effect, however, in other cases the well-directed and economical liquid spraying may be the important aspects.

Accordingly, the PREVENT Professional aerosols are equipped with a multifunctional valve-nozzle-spray tube system, which perfectly complies with the multifaceted requirements.

The family was started with the most important basic products (brake cleaner, penetrant, silicone) and it is continuously widened by corrosion preventive and lubricating materials perfectly suitable also for special purposes.

The newest member of the family is the Rézpaszta (copper paste) spray, which is primarily an efficient anti-pitting combined lubricant able to be used in an extremely wide range of temperature (-180°C - +1100°C). It is recommended for the lubrication of fixed or slowly moving parts subject to high pressure or load. It contains fine grained copper and graphite powder.

Typical fields of use: spark-plug threads, exhaust downpipes, engine bolts, brake shoe pivot pins, U-bows, spring stop screws, articulated joints, gears, chains and rollers.