PREVENT wheel disc cleaner aerosol

Product code: TE00393
Packaging: 300 ml
Package: 6pcs.

The product is for the rapid and comfortable removal of stubborn contaminations, such as brake pad dust, oil, tar or sticky mud, stuck on traditional and alloy wheels and wheel caps. The sprayed foam remains on the wheel for a long time to provide a perfect cleaning effect. 

It is a phosphate-free, environmentally sound and lemon scented product made of biodegradable detergents. The material does not contain acids and bases and it does not damage rubber.

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    Using instructions

    • Shake the bottle before use. Spray the wheel. 

    • Let the material be on the wheel for 2-3 minutes and rub it with a brush or a cloth. 

    • Flush the wheels by water jet. 

    • If necessary, repeat the process. 

    • If the detergent gets on the chassis, wash it off, since it may damage the lower quality paint. 

      In case of lacquered wheels, perform test cleaning.


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