CHIP contact cleaner and lubricating aerosol

Product code: TE01410
Packaging: 300 ml
Package: 6pcs.

CHIP Contact Cleaner and Lubricating Spray is the ideal cleaner of contact points, connections and other parts ofelectric motors, generators, battery charges, fuses, relays, transformers, signalling and measuring and other electronic equipment

With the help of this product wax, oily, greasy and other types of soiling are easily and quickly removed from the surface ensuring appropriate contact where needed. 

Besides cleaning, CHIP Contact Cleaner and Lubricating Spray ensures the effective lubrication of turning parts and parts exposed to friction.

    Other product info

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    Using instructions

    • Shake the bottle. 

    • Switch off the device. Spray the contaminated area from a distance of about 10 cm (4 inch). 

      The active agent can be led by the attached extension pipe to the hard-to-access places as well. The special valve makes it possible that the bottle can be emptied in any of its positions.
      Only use for switched-off devices. Do not spray it on hot or warm surfaces. If the material is sprayed into a closed device, aerate it for 20 minutes before switching on.
      If the product may contact with plastic surfaces, perform a compatibility test in advance.


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